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40 Years of UNITE Distribued Learning

A word cloud, formed from messages from past students.

"I consider myself a UNITE alumnus – I never would have achieved by Masters degree without it."

More kind words from past students ...

"I graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering with all courses taken through UNITE. Thank you."

"UNITE was the vehicle that I used to earn my graduate degree in Computer and Information Science with the University of Minnesota 13 years ago.  It made it possible for me in a situation that would have been impossible otherwise.  My daughter Katie will be a U or M graduate this coming May, and it wasn’t until I moved her up to start her college career that I first stepped foot on the U of M campus proper. Thank you for what UNITE has done for me and for my career in Computer Science."

"Wow! 40 years! Congrats!"

"UNITE helped me get my Master’s Degree … took me 7 years, one class at a time.  I remember sitting in basements at Winona State watching the video feed, and yes, this was pre-internet. Congratulations on 40 UNITE!"

"That is great – the UNITE program is one of the better programs available and it helped immensely. Congrats to all on the 40th year milestone."

"Congratulations on 40 years!  I believe my first UNITE class was 31 years ago.  Man, time really flies."

"It seems like a long time since first sitting down in front of the video screen and microphone back in the 80's.  But from a career and confidence perspective, this was time well-spent.  At first, it was just taking classes to gain knowledge.  Then later, to get a CSci Masters.  UNITE made this all possible.   Congratulations and thanks for 40 years of an excellent program."

"After receiving my B.S. in electrical engineering in 1977, I joined IBM in Rochester. I completed the majority of my coursework for the M.S. degree via UNITE. After finishing my Ph.D. on campus, I moved to Switzerland. After a couple of years there, I joined the University of California at Davis. I am currently a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Hawaii, Manoa."
"UNITE made it possible for me to continue my education. I will always be grateful."

"Thanks for your help over the past year. I am graduating this semester and ready to fully focus on my work. Thanks again and I really liked the UNITE program."

"You guys at UNITE were *so* great in facilitating the classes I took to earn my MS in Computer Science from 2003-2007.  I very much appreciate it!"

"UNITE is a great program.  Thanks so much!"

"I would also like to let you know that I have enjoyed UNITE and that I appreciated all the support that you have given me over the past four years and that you continue to provide to me during this year as well."

"UNITE was a great program to work with, and thank you for your work within it."

"This is awesome! Congrats!"

"I would like to thank the UNITE program and all that make it possible. Without this program I would not have been able to complete my masters degree in computer science after I had relocated to SD over half way through the program. Thank you for providing an option for me to achieve success and my masters from UMN. Congratulations on 40 years!"

"No, thank you! Getting my masters would not have been possible without UNITE!"

"Thank you for your UNITE guidance.  I did receive my Masters in Computer Science this year."

"Go UNITE!  ;)"

"I graduated in 1995 with an M.S. in Computer and Information Science living in Rochester, MN. UNITE made it possible for me to attend the University from Rochester while I worked full time and I can not say enough good things about the program."

"Congratulations to you and your colleagues.  I consider myself a UNITE alumnus – I never would have achieved by Masters degree without it."

"Happy 40th…. I had taken a few classes myself through UNITE in the late 80s and appreciated the opportunity for continued education remotely."

"Congratulations on 40 successful years of UNITE.  That is terrific.  I fondly recall my time as a remote student in the 1980's, and finally graduating with my Masters in 1989."

"I received my MSEE and only stepped foot on the campus in MSP one time. I really appreciated that."

"What a blast from the past, and what a nice note. I got my Masters degree mostly through UNITE.  I-35 was being pushed through downtown St Paul for part of that time, making the commute to the U a nightmare, so thank goodness for UNITE."

"Congratulations on the success of the program!"

"As a former UNITE student, I was in Minnesota and enrolling in UNITE program from 1998 to 2006. As a full time employee and a father of two, UNITE is the only way for me to continue some work related course works. I really appreciate the opportunities provided by UNITE as well as all the support from UNITE staff in all those years! I have relocated to California since 2007 due to family and work reasons. I hope one day I could continue to attend some classes from UNITE again to always refresh learnings, just like a college kid."

"I received my MSEE in 2006 by taking classes through the UNITE program. The program is great and I plan to wear the 40th anniversary shirt proudly."

"Thanks for all of your work supporting UNITE so that we could take classes via UNITE."

"By the way- without UNITE, I'm not sure I could have completed my MS in computer science. I graduated in 2009 and have always been grateful for the UNITE sessions."

"Congratulations on 40 years!"

"You may remember that I work for 3M and have completed the MSEE requirements at the end of 2007. I really have enjoyed and miss that program and the interaction with U of M and the UNITE staff. Thanks for remembering all of we former students."


"I should thank you and the UNITE staff for all the help and support you gave me when I was a student. You all really made my UNITE experience a good one. So, thank you all for all the hard work you do to make UNITE what it is!"

"Congratulations to you and the department. Thanks for the great service. I’m looking forward to taking additional UNITE classes next Fall."

"I remember doing UNITE classes from 1994 to 1999, both at UCR and IBM. There was only 1 semester where I had to drive to the Twin Cities. UNITE was a large factor in earning my degree."

"Those were very fun days I had both attending, and teaching UNITE classes. Thanks for all of your help/dedication throughout the years."


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