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UNITE Streaming Video Access for On-Campus Students

Courses with UNITE-enrolled students:
UNITE Distributed Learning makes streaming videos available to students enrolled in the on-campus sections of courses that UNITE offers to off-campus students, except in occasions when the instructor has asked that we do not make these videos available to those enrolled in the on-campus section(s) of the course.

Courses without UNITE-enrolled students:
Additionally, the Office of the Dean for the College of Science and Engineering sponsors the recording and streaming of courses scheduled in UNITE classrooms but are not offered to off-campus students through UNITE. As with the UNITE-offered courses, there are occasions where the instructor has opted out of this service.

In both cases, there is no additional charge to the students enrolled in the on-campus sections of these courses.

Availability of Streaming Videos

For these courses:

Accessing Streaming Videos

To access these files, first run through the technical requirements at:

You may then test your computer and connection speed with one of UNITE's demonstration streaming videos at:

If you have technical questions or issues, DO NOT ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR OR TAs FOR ASSISTANCE. Instead, please refer to UNITE's Troubleshooting FAQ at:

(Please note the online Trouble Report link at the bottom of the page - that is your quickest support option if you cannot find a solution at the Troubleshooting FAQ).

Once that is complete, access the files for your class through one of the UNITE Media Portal links on the UNITE web site ( Your University Internet ID (a.k.a. "x.500") and password are required - log in and click on the link for the course.

Again, if you have technical questions or issues, please first refer to UNITE's Troubleshooting FAQ (

Please direct other questions or comments to


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