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Access for Non-UNITE Students

Effective Spring 2004

UNITE makes on-campus courses available to students via streaming video (live and asynchronous) and downloadable video and audio podcasts.  For this service, those students pay an additional fee to enroll in UNITE sections of the course(s).

Students enrolled in on-campus sections will have access to the asynchronous streaming videos at no cost unless the course instructor decides otherwise as follows:

  • For Fall and Spring semesters, the ten-day delay for students enrolled in the on-campus sections is suspended seven days prior to sheduled exams and three days prior to scheduled quizzes;
  • For Summer, UNITE does not allow non-UNITE students to access any of the streaming videos until the Friday prior to finals week;
  • Per departmental policy, students enrolled in on-campus sections of departmental seminars and colloquia carried by UNITE will not have access to those UNITE streaming videos;

UNITE reserves the right to cancel recordings for any course due to lack of UNITE-enrolled students.  Access to all UNITE materials closes on the day of the final exam for that course for all students.

If you wish to have immediate access to the streaming video, you may register for the course through our office. You will be placed in the UNITE section of the course and have access to the streaming video live lectures and immediate access to archived streaming videos and podcasts. As a UNITE student, we will also work with you in receiving completed homework and taking exams off site.

UNITE is a self-supporting office, therefore if you wish to go through our system, you will pay an additional fee per credit above and beyond the regular University tuition and fees. For more information, see our current tuition and fees (note UNITE Special fee).

Please call our office at 612-624-2332 or send us an email if you have further questions, or wish to register through us.

Posted: Spring 2004

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