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UNITE Streaming Video Access for On-Campus Students

UNITE Distributed Learning makes on-campus course videos available to students enrolled in a UNITE section via streaming video (live and asynchronous, available same day) and downloadable video and audio podcasts (also available same day). 

UNITE is a self-supporting office - for this service, students pay an additional fee to enroll in UNITE sections of the course(s).

Students enrolled in on-campus sections will have access to the asynchronous streaming videos on a ten-day delay at no cost unless the course instructor decides otherwise as follows:

For Courses with UNITE-Enrolled Students
(Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters):
UNITE Distributed Learning makes streaming video archvies of class lectures available to students who are enrolled in the on-campus sections of courses in which UNITE is also enrolling students, with varying degrees of access based on semester.

Summer access is extremely limited for on-campus students (see below).

Note that there are occasions when the instructor has aopted out of this for those enrolled in the on-campus section(s) of the course.

For Courses without UNITE-Enrolled Students
(Fall and Spring Semesters only; Does not occur in Summer Semesters):
Additionally, the Office of the Dean for the College of Science and Engineering sponsors the recording and streaming of CSE courses scheduled in UNITE-enhanced classrooms that are not offered for registration through UNITE. Note that there are occasions when the instructor has opted out of this service. Also note that this is not done for Summer Semester

In both cases, there is no additional charge to the students enrolled in the on-campus sections of these courses.

Availability of Streaming Videos to Students Enrolled in On-Campus Sections of a Course that UNITE is Recording/Streaming

For Fall and Spring Semesters:

For Summer Semester:

Accomodation Services

UNITE partners with the University of Minnesota's Disability Resource Center (DRC) in implementing accommodations approved by DRC access consultants. If you are working with the DRC, please have your access consultant contact us on your behalf.

More about the Disability Resource Center: Image to indicate this link opens in a new window or tab.

Accessing Streaming Videos

To access these files, first run through the technical requirements at:

You may then test your computer and connection speed with one of UNITE's demonstration streaming videos at:

If you have technical questions or issues, DO NOT ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR OR TAs FOR ASSISTANCE. Instead, please refer to UNITE's Troubleshooting FAQ at:

(Please note the online Trouble Report link at the bottom of the page - that is your quickest support option if you cannot find a solution at the Troubleshooting FAQ).

Once that is complete, access the files for your class through one of the UNITE Media Portal links on the UNITE web site ( Your University Internet ID (a.k.a. "x.500") and password are required - log in and click on the link for the course.

Again, if you have technical questions or issues, please first refer to UNITE's Troubleshooting FAQ (

Please direct other questions or comments to


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