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Special Streaming Events

In addition to regular class offerings, UNITE Distributed Learning hosts special streaming events for organizations both within and outside of the University of Minnesota.

Classroom Capture

UNITE offers classroom capture originating from eight UNITE-enhanced "studio" classrooms/lecture halls on the East Bank of the Twin Cities campus in Mechanical Engineering and Keller Halls, with capacities ranging from 40 to 250 student seats. UNITE staffs the technical operations for capture, with a UNITE operator to handle the technical work for the instructor in each classroom.  These events may, streamed live and on-demand to Internet participants, hosted as downloadable audio and video podcasts and recorded to DVD for future preservation.

Encoding and Hosting Services

UNITE offers encoding and hosting services for video and audio streams (live and archived) and downloads for materials captured in a UNITE-enhanced classroom as well as those created/captured outside of a UNITE-enhanced classroom by other units.  Hosting of video and audio files includes UNITE technical support for end users.

UNITE can also design and host custom web pages for the event and implement a variety of log-in and security options to fit users' needs.

For more information, see the following links, or contact UNITE at or (612) 624-2332.

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