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Streaming Video Demonstrations

UNITE streaming video is generally available in two different presentations, across multiple different formats (HTML5 and Flash). Viewers with potential firewall issues are recommended to use the HTML5 version.

  1. One-Pane
    A single 640 pixel wide window that switches between multiple classroom image sources (cameras, computer, overhead, etc.).
    HTML5 | Flash | Chromecast

  2. Two-Pane
    Both the video and the secondary sources are presented, side by side. This format requires a minimum monitor resolution of 1280x720 for optimal viewing.
    HTML5 | Flash | Chromecast

Both the One-Pane and Two-Pane formats are also available for download by UNITE-registered students; see the download and RSS demonstrations here. Both download formats are also supported by most tablets, and the One-Pane format is also compatible with most smartphones and portable media player devices.

Suggested monitor resolutions:
One-Pane: 1024 x 768 or higher
Two-Pane: 1280 x 720 or higher

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